Too Tired To Think

Not sure that I care…

Violet Escalera


As I wake up in the morning

So many things to do today

Where should I start?

Maybe if I practice martial arts?

No, not that one first

Children, allow me to think!

Slam, pitter-patter, tee-hee

Pssst, psst, what will she do?

Break open the blinds

I think I’ll read a little while

Or maybe I should write

Mine, all mine, gimme!

Children, I’ve had enough

She’s had enough, she says.

Never mind, on second thought

I’ll just go back to bed!



Violet Escalera

I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren, a Christian, and my husband is my best friend. Take a look at my creative writing, poetry, thoughts on God, and sci-fi!