Martial Arts

Oh, so I made it to the next level.

Violet Escalera


After testing, I received a yellow belt. It definitely surprised me because I never thought I’d make it. On top of that, I decided that I wanted to continue doing it.

I’ll let you in on a secret as to why I originally began martial arts.

We wanted our daughters to know how to defend themselves. Knowing my daughters, I wanted to defend myself against them should they decide to throw me to the ground when I told them to do their chores.

Hmmm… I know, a crazy reason to go, right?

Still, within a few months of beginning, I had a yellow belt. I also began understanding and enjoying it. When I visited my sister in Missouri, I decided I would start working hard on it. She worked a lot, so I practiced everything three times in a row on the days she worked.

Once I returned home, I spent time working on my self-defense along with the forms. It didn’t seem like I went far fast. In fact, when I went to Kenpo, I felt stupid more often than not. It was more than likely because I knew that I didn’t do it perfectly and messed up repeatedly.

Photo by SOON SANTOS on Unsplash

No, I never looked like either man from yellow belt to orange belt.

I couldn’t jump and definitely had no way of kicking that high. Then again, I started in my fifties, and that might be part of the problem. The jumping part made me wonder how I would ever make it. Often, my lower back hurt, and I had difficulty leaping up or getting up quickly. Thankfully, our head instructor told me to modify what I couldn’t do. Since we did pushups quite often, I did my pushups against the wall. Slowly but surely, I started feeling better.

Still, when you work every day, the changes come so slowly that you don’t even notice them. By the time I went to orange belt, I had begun feeling better here and there.

The second time I tested, it happened during the summer, so we went to a park. Believe it or not, my confidence level grew. It seemed hard to figure out how that had happened. We slowly went through everything, including our warmups. Yep, only the end would tell how well I did.

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Violet Escalera

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