Hard Hats For Christ

Using construction to further God’s kingdom

Violet Escalera


Last year, a couple visited our church for awhile and finally became members. After a time, our church found out that we had some issues in the fellowship hall and downstairs bathroom. The paint looked horrible!

The husband told us about a group that he worked with called Hard Hats For Christ. Many of those who work with this group are RV’ers. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

RV’ers for Christ “Serve Those Who Serve Others” at Christian camps and Bible schools, small churches and other Christian organizations throughout the continental United States. We have also worked in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Once the church heard about this group, we, as a whole, decided to see if we could get them here to help. Mark, as the pastor, had to put in a request and wait to see if they would accept it. After a short time, they got in touch.

“Yes, we have the ability to help you out,” the supervisor responded.

Once they set the time, dependent on what was best for the church, the work began first with our one member. Several more ended up coming to help him and did an absolutely wonderful job! They ended up doing more than they originally planned.

First, they had to move everything out of the fellowship hall and take down anything and everything that got in the way of painting. Next, put on primer and the paint. When they completed that, the guard rails went up. Last, they buffed our floor, which looked awful for many years. Here’s the finished look!

Picture taken by my daughter.

However, our bathrooms had major issues and needed aid from the Hard Hats as well. Also, they received painting (the same colors that you see here) along with new sinks. I’m not sure if they did any more than that. Nonetheless, what they did far exceeded our expectations. Everyone at our church feels blessed and very thankful toward everyone involved in the Hard Hats For Christ.



Violet Escalera

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