A Suit Just For You (Part 2)

Put that anywhere

Violet Escalera


As she spoke, Wesley picked up the package. Ruby studied it with interest. The rectangular box didn’t look like it would hold a suit, and it read:

Hotel Suite

At the top, it had Wesley’s name in bold letters.

“That must be the suit I ordered; although, I’m not sure why they would put hotel suite on it. Must be a mistake, dear.”

Wesley smiled and joked, “Well, we may not have a house, but I have a suit!”

Ruby’s smile came out then wavered somewhat. Wesley started opening the box, and with a flourish, he pulled out a miniature building that began building itself. After it finished, the wind gave a small puff, and a piece of paper floated down into the hands of the husband.

“What does it say, Wesley?” Ruby asked while her eyes gazed at the building before her.

A haze seemed to cover her eyes, and she couldn’t focus. With what seemed like a paper rattling, she knew for sure he examined the paper and would tell her.

“Well,” he began, “it says:

“Wesley, these are the directions to fold up your hotel suite when it isn’t in use. Make sure you don’t keep it up when the sun is shining directly on it; otherwise, it will melt. However, on your first day of use, you must go in with whatever family you have near you and enjoy it the rest of that day and all night.”

“It looks like we should go into the hotel suite?” he started as a comment that turned into a question.

Ruby felt him grab her arm and lead her into the building.

“This is crazy! This is crazy! It isn’t happening, and I know I’m dreaming. When will I wake up? Someone, please pinch me,” she pleaded, keeping her eyes tightly shut.

She felt a sharp pinch on her arm and opened her eyes. Since his fingers came off at the same time that she opened her eyes, she knew he had pinched her.



Violet Escalera

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